Thursday, February 14, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes are two funny characters known in a comic book. I have been reading this book for ages because it makes me laugh. The characters are:
  • Calvin
  • Hobbes (a stuffed tiger who comes to life in Calvin's imagination)
  • Calvin's Mum
  • Calvin's Dad
  • Susie
  • Miss Wormwood
  • Mr. Bun
  • Moe the bully
  • Rosalyn the babysitter
  • Charlie (Rosalyn's boyfriend)
  • Principal Spittle
There are more but I cant really remember them all.

My Favourite one in Calvin and Hobbes is where Calvin is pretending to be Godzilla and he has just built a sand castle which is supposed to be Tokyo so he runs over the sand castle and then says "Godzilla". 

Bill Watterson was born in Washington DC in the USA. Bill Watterson made Hobbes the tiger from his cat Sprite. And he probably made Calvin from a annoying funny little boy!

I would recommend this book for 4 and over because little ones might get some bad ideas! 


  1. Well done Anna for finishing this at home when you're not well! Great post - I like Calvin and Hobbes too!

  2. Great work Anna!

    The book sounds very interesting espially Calvin and Hobbes.

  3. Dear Anna i am sorry that you where sick yesterday but i am proud that you rite on the blog . I read your blog Calvin and Hobbes you did very good thank you for charring that with every body