Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Famous Five on a treasure island

Julian Dick and Anne are in tears because they won't be be going to they usual summer holiday place. The next Tuesday came and they were at their Aunt's house in about 4 hours. The next day George which in actual fact her name is Georgina but she hates being a girl and she took them to the beach. They had bath and chatted. In the  afternoon they went to the island of the coast. So they stayed there for three days. They found the treasure. But some men are in the process of buying the island. The five including Timmy of course went back home and George's Uncle about the whole story and he telephoned immediately  to the police.

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Here is a list of the whole series:


This is part 1

This is part 2


  1. Well done it probably took quite a long time to do all of the links.

  2. I like it how you have put a map on it and I really like it. It is an interesting post. Well done

  3. Super well done William! I like this book alot because i have all a serie's of famouse five