Friday, February 15, 2013

Billionaire Boy

A boy called Joe who is a very rich boy. He has anything a girl or a boy could wish car here are some things: 100 inch plasma widescreen flatscreen high definition TV in every room in the house, a grand prix race track in his back garden, a robot dog from Japan, a golf buggy, a waterslide that goes from his bedroom to an olympic sized swimming pool, every computer game in the world, a crcodile,  3D cinema, a bowling alley, popcorn dispencer, skateboard park, another crocodile, ext... .
Joe ( a fat boy ) and SOME of his money
 As you can imagine that list goes on forever but he hasn't got everything he hasn't got a FRIEND. Joe search's  for a friend but his dad works for a company called bumfresh which is a type of toilet paper. Everyone makes fun of Joe because his dad works for bumfresh. But Joe isn'thappy with all that money as they say, money can't buy everything. Are you a billioaire girl or boy.

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