Monday, January 28, 2013

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

                                                                             Here is a   online dictionairy


  • Hugo Cabret
  • Isabelle
  • Dad
  • Uncle claude
  • Mama jeane
  • The station Inspector
  • Papa Goegres 
  • Etienne
  • René Tabart 
Hugo's father died in a fire inside a museum and he is now living inside at le gare de Lyon. H e has always been stealing food and water  from  a café. Méliès actually had a set of automaton , which were either sold or lost. At the end of his life Méliès was broke, even as his films were screening widely in the United States. He did work in a toy booth in a Paris railway station, hence the setting. Selznick drew Méliès's real door in the book.

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  1. i' ve got the film at my home it's a very good film and story you've don exalent work.GOOD JOB

  2. I love this book, have you seen the film? My y5 class at Stickney would love it!