Monday, January 28, 2013


Christina is sent to live with her uncle and his two sons in their country house, Flambards. She finds her uncle fierce and domineering and her cousin Mark arrogant and selfish.  But Flambards isn't all bad, for Christina soon discovers a passion for horse-riding and forms a binding friendship with her cousin Will.  As time goes by Christina comes to realize the important part she  has to play in this emotionally-charged and strange household.

I reccomend this book for people that like horse-riding.  I like this book because it was given to me by my gran who works in a library and bought it for me and i love to read it because I love horse-riding.


  1. I have always wanted to do horse-riding because I love animals especially horses! I would love to read this book, I will ask my dad to buy it next time he goes to England.

  2. i have see'n the film it 's really good . youv'e really worked hard. GOOD WORK!

  3. This book is really good. I love the girl and the horse there are good friends