Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf (Mammoth Read)
This story is about a boy called Josh. Josh 's mum went to hospital and had to stay with his dad. Since Josh's mum went to hospital everything was not the same. Josh's mum didn't read stories, didn't play with him, didn't bake cakes and stuff like that and he thought his life was very miserable.

They lived on a farm. One night Josh was reading a book and on the front cover was a picture of a wolf he was reading it very carefully,because he didn't even hear his dad speak .Josh went to bed and the window sheet's weren't drown .And that night he saw a wolf by the side of his window. He followed  the wolf and went to a cliff and Josh stopped but the wolf carried on, and then it stopped and it let out a" HO-OOWL!"

Josh went back home and to sleep! 

                                 Well I'm not here to tell the
                                    whole story but I told 
                                         you a lot. I hope
                                              you liked 
                                   Thank you and goodbye!      


  1. Amandine wow this is amazing you really show how the boy felt about his dad.

  2. I think you did a great job Amandine. I loved the way you described without giving the story!

  3. This book sounds exciting and you showed the boy's feelings very well!

  4. I really like it it looks like a good books.