Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Witches

It's about this boy called Alex; his parents where very rich. They lived in a nice house and had a nice car. They lived in England but they were Norwegian. One day they where driving in the mountains near a cliff (but the cliff wasn't that high up) but the car slipped and they fell down the cliff , Alex's parents died, but Alex was lucky because he only had a scar, and ended up in hospital. Alex went to live with his grandma after the accident. His grandma lived in Norway .

 Alex's grandma loved telling stories to children. She told stories to Alex because he was her favourite nephew . One day she told him about witches because they were very famous in Norway. That was when Alex was starting to become curious. Alex's grandma told him about the children who disappeared . The first one went in a picture and lived there, it was strange, and the second one was turned to stone.

Now Alex's grandma was talking about how to recognise a witch. First they all wear gloves because they have cat claws and second they have a wig because witches don't have any hair. 

OK, so I have told you a bit about a of the story and if you read the book you will find out more.

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