Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starring Tracy Beaker,by Jaqueline Wilson

This book is about a girl called Tracy Beaker. Tracy is a bit of a tomboy, she lives in a children's home because her mum is a filmstar in Hollywood.Tracy is taking part in a play at school and she really wants her mum to come and watch her perform.Not many of the other characters in the story like Tracy because she's a bit feisty, but only when she feels the need to fight back.
Peter is Tracy's best friend, he lives in the home too and they go to school together.Iwould definitely recommend this book to nine year old girls.I don't think it would appeal to boys because it's not an exciting  adventure, it's a story about a girl's daily life.
Tracy is very good at acting her part in the play, but does her mum come to watch ? Read the book to find out.

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