Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crystal and Gems by Dorling Kindersley

It is a amazing book about crystals and gems. It shows you lots of pictures of crystals or gems. The facts are really helpful if you're making a PowerPoint or something about crystals and gems. Showing what the crystal or gem is called, or where it comes from this is a very good book to look up information if you have a crystal or a gem.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and then reading the facts about the the gem or crystal. I was really surprised as I found out where you can find opals!

I'm making a PowerPoint about gemstones and thanks to this book I now have good information about the gemstones I'm going to include in my PowerPoint.

I recommend this book for children 8+, because there are some hard words which they may not understand.
I also recommend this book for Non-Fiction readers!


  1. I have read that book before and agree with you when you say it's an amazing book!

  2. My favorite crystal is sapphire because sapphire is AWESOME.