Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dare Game


  • Tracy Beaker  ( the main character)
  • Cam (Tracy's foster mum)
  • Alexander (Tracy's friend at her house when she bunks off school)
  • Football  (Tracy's other friend at her house when she bunks off school)
  • Tracy's mum
  • Roxanne 
Tracy is an eleven year old girl who was in a children's home (they all called it the dumping ground) until Cam came to talk about an article about children in care.  Cam quite liked Tracy (even though she's not very well behaved at all!) and Tracy liked Cam and eventually Cam decided to foster her.  Tracy doesn't like her new school because there's a girl called Roxanne who started up a dare game with Tracy.  Roxanne blamed all the dares on Tracy so Tracy decides to bunk off and just not bother going.  She meets up with Alexander who gets teased at school and Football who was excluded.  Tracy's mum eventually sees Tracy and promises that they will live together soon, but Cam's not so sure.  Will Tracy ever live with her real mum or will she go on living with Cam...

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  1. Jessica your making me even more desperate than I already am about getting the book in the library. Is it there yet?