Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bat Pat And The Secret of The Cemetery

One day in a cemetery there was a bat called Bat Pat .
And One day he heard a noise from the gate gosh it
was so annoying. Bat Pat woke up and saw
a  black man with no face! He saw the man with a shovel in his hands, he was like ... traying to find

So Bat Pat hided behind a rock and saw everything .
But sudently a little flower came into Bat Pat´s nose
and ...  aaaaaaahhhhhchuuuuuuuuusssss !!!!! Sneassing like an angry man shouting to his sun.
The Man ( with no face ) heard Bat Pat and ...
And the man did a noise and crrrrrrrraaaaaah!,after
a wile a bird came and started to chasse him and
rruuuuuuunnnn ( I mean flyyyyyy ) .

But there were three children in a small window
saw Bat Pat so they opened the window and directly
into the window and boooom he crashed into
the wall in the room. Wen he woke up he saw
three kids looking at him and one of them said
hello my name is Martin and this is Leo my brother and Rebeca my sister. He told the three children everything about the man and the bird. The kids knew somethings about
the man and the bird the man sended always his bird in the chimneys of the town loking for
a map to the treasure Leo had an ideato send Bat Pat to the chimneys and find the map of the cemetery he went out and check every single chimney in the town but nothing came so Rebeca said to Bat Pat to check their chimney and he went up and up and ... Yes! I found The map! So along the road going to the cemetery they followed the map and saw a box in the X opened the box and
Gold thowsends of monney ! Yes, yes ! We found the treasure but the bad man took the treasure
 run away with it. And boooom crashed into a ghost pirate! No more stealling  to the prission!

Everyone happy untill the next adventure.


  1. Well done for this blog post Jose. Do you think these books should be in Englsih too?

  2. You made a really long post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long did it take you to write that?

    1. Thanks dude, it took me a hole afternoon.