Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots And Her Hopeless Husbands (Dead Famous)Have you  heard of Mary Queen of Scots?

Even if you have, this book will tell you that she is very famous for
  • "having terrible taste in husbands"
  • "totally losing her head on a chopping block".
       Mary was crowned Queen when she was a baby and her mother had to leave her when that happened, so she didn't actually see that happen (I will let you find out about that if you read it).

      Mary used to write to her mother and she always boasted about  her coronation but this made her mum sad!

     Mary was 15  years old when she was married  and her husband was a year younger than her, so he was 14!!! Thankfully, at least we do not marry at that age today, because I'd only have 6 more years until I would, you know...aah be married - what a terrible thought!
   So the book tells us at first that it seemed as though Mary had married  a good man, but then we find out that he died when he was 17 because he had so many colds - what a wimp!!
  I think you should read this book because it tells you facts and it is so funny.  The pictures are very good and it has lots of cartoons in it and that means that it is easier than ever to understand.


  1. India, what a great review! It's really good to have a non-fiction book for a change, and this one sounds really interesting! You've put your own personal response into it very well too!

  2. I am also into books about people that lived a long time ago!
    I read a book like this one not that long ago.