Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Sister Jodie

Pearl and Jodie are sisters but are the best of friends.  At their usual school (Moorcroft) Jodie bunks off with her friends.  Their mum and dad decide she needs to be taught properly so they all go to boarding school at Melchester college. Their mum is the cook and their dad is the caretaker.  Jodie can't stand the thought and when they leave she doesn't fit in but Pearl has all the friends. Pearl used to get terribly teased but when she arrives at Melchester college the first friend she makes is a boy called Harley.  When they arrive it is the summer holidays so the only children there already are Zeph, Dan, Sakura and Harley. Zeph, Dan and Sakura are little and Jodie and Pearl don't know why they have to stay for the summer but Harley can't stand  his parents so that explains him staying there.  Pearl used to get terribly teased but in Melchester college she has lots of friends.  Jodie's the one who doesn't fit in.  Pearl doesn't need Jodie any longer but Jodie needs her.  But when a terrible thing happens on bonfire night Pearl realises just how much she needs her sister.


  1. I think that it is a very good book it told me a bit about it it sound intresting

  2. good gob i fick you have worked realy hared . the way you discribed the word's good efert

  3. I have't read any jacqueline wilson books yet but you have inspired me to read some.