Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dustbin Baby

This book made me cry at some points but at the end it made my cry with joy.  The dustbin baby (April) likes making up stories about her past but knows some parts are true.  For some reason she can remember the worst parts more vividly than the rest.  She can remember being taken from the dustbin in strong but gentle hands and being held close to some-one's chest.  April hates thinking back to the worst part (where her foster mum dies) but wants to make herself remember.  Eventually she decides to find all the people from her past like going to Partricia Williams' house and to the greenwood cemetery to find her foster mum.  She has done so much in her past even nearly killing someone (for a good reason though).  The bit at the end is where she gets reunited with Frankie ( the person who took her out the bin) because he leaves his  mobile number on the bin.  April ended up living with a teacher! She had two friends with down syndrome Poppy and Esme.  One of the times April was extremely naughty was when she lived in a children's home with a big girl called Gina.  Gina was very naughty but liked April and made her come out and rob homes nearby but once they got caught with 100 pounds and a golden necklace.
I would recommend this book to 10-15 year olds as it has sad and panicking points.


  1. It sound like a very funny book it game me a lot of informational

  2. I really liked your blog Jessica does April really try to kill someone ? They stole some gold and 100£ wow!
    What happens to April after she went to the children's home