Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lily Alone

  • Lily
  • Bliss
  • Pixie
  • Baxter
  • Lily's mum
  • Old Kath
  • Gordon
  • Mikey

Lily's mum goes on holiday with Gordon and leaves Lily with the twins ( Bliss and Baxter) and Pixie, but she expects the twins dad to look after them.

Lily is an eleven year old girl who has always dreamed of living alone.  When Lily's mum goes on holiday with her new boyfriend Gordon she left a message on Mikey's (Baxter and Bliss's dad) phone expecting him to come as soon as he got it.  But unfortunately Mikey was in Glasgow so he couldn't make it! Of course Lily's mum had gone by now so Lily was left to look after the six year old Bliss and Baxter and the four year old Pixie by herself!

There is a park that they have always wanted to go to that they can see from their flats. Finding the way through town to the park was a great difficulty for Lily especially as Pixie had insisted on taking the teddies and teapots along too.  She also had to lug Pixie along because she refused to walk.  That time when they visited the park they found their way out easily enough, but the next time they go there Pixie runs of along the hillside so they all follow her and find themselves lost.  They spend most of that long hard time living in a tree trunk.  Will they ever find their way out? And if they do will their mum come back?

Jacqueline Wilson has a website where she writes about all her books.

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  1. Well done Jessica. I really got the idea of what this book is about. Great too that you found the Jacqueline Wilson website and put the link in!