Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Land of Stories

The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell

This story is about Alex and Conner Bailey. They drop into a book of magic and adventure. How can they save themselves?  Hot behind them the evil queen follows them.Conner was as always dreaming away and before you new it he was asleep.  Then miss Green spoke up and said "MR;BAILEY how dare you sleep in my class".  When they got home to their suprise was grandma, Alex slowley but bravley walked up to her.  " oh la la you starteled me, come on then let's go inside.  And she put her arm around Alex and frog marched her inside.

The reason I really enjoiyed this book is because Grandma gives them a book that is filed with magic and love.  And one day after school Alex SUDDENLY fell into the book.  they have to find five items so the fairygodmother can bring them back to the normal world.  But guess what the twins Grandmother is the fairygodmother.  That meens the twins Dad was born from the Land of Stories.

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