Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Secret Seven

Let me introduce you to the Secret Seven. There are three girls and four boys (five because of Scamper the dog). At the moment in the book it is just a bit after Christmas. This is their first meeting in a long time.Today when I was reading they found there first mystery for a longtime.
The gang have discovered from Jack that at the house they found near Peter and Pam's house its an really old man living at the house he does not like kids or dogs including Scamper the spaniel.Jack found the mystery when he was looking for his badge in the night suddenly he saw a car with some kind of trailer attached to it with something in it. As in the picture above Jack has to hide behind a bush so he does not get in to trouble. The next morning the gang already is trying to slove this problem.


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  1. Good work Anna!
    I going to read the book because it sounds so interesting! Keep up the good work!