Thursday, May 16, 2013

The demon Headmaster

Cover of The Demon HeadmasterThe book The Demon Headmaster is a book about some children who start to realise something funny about the school they go to. Here let me describe it ,all the children there stand round in circles studing before school and when the prefects come out all the kids get in lines and walk into the school neaty. Also the children there act , well the same strangely. The kids say it is there job to find out what is happening during asembley and stop whatever the headmaster's plan is .( they can't go to asembley for some reason)Nothing is  as easy as it sounds, with prefects all around the school and watching them all the time.What they need is a secret wepon , finally some one able to go to asembley turns up and her name is Diana ( she is adoped)an exalant plan pops out from nowhere! Time to go into action!  I like this book because it is adventerous ,exciting,great ,and it's about kids!

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