Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sapphire Battersea


  • Ida - Sapphire's mum
  • Sapphire Battersea- The main character and foundling
  • Jem - Her old foster brother
  • Mrs Briskett-The formidable housekeeper  
  • Madame Berenice- A link to the spirit
  • Emerald- The astonishing mermaid
  • Fantastic Freda - The female giant
  • Bertie- The butcher's boy
Sapphire Battersea is a foundling, and none of the foundlings are meant to see their mother's again. Sapphire  found out her mum was the kitchen maid at the end of Hetty Feather. She is always singled out and has a terrible temper. Whenever she can, Sapphire sneaks down to Ida's room.One night a sly girl called Sheila, who has always been Sapphire's enemy, follows her down and peeks through the door at Sapphire and her mum hugging in bed. When a matron finds out Ida was really Sapphire's mum, Ida is sent away. Sapphire can not bear life without Ida.  She is so upset she gets very ill. When foundlings  get to a certain age they go away to be a servant. Sapphire's turn comes around and who knows what adventures will follow...

I would recommend this book because there are many adventures in one book.

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  1. So I think that you did a realy good post but I don't get were they are and not quit the story
    I am so sorry