Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Thornthwaite inheritance

The Thornthwaite inheritance is all about twins, Lorrelli and Ovid, that are always trying to kill each other.  But one day that all started to stop because of the most tragic thing happened: their dad had died and they say it was all because of his wife.  His wife had put poison in the food and the police  found out.  But the wife died as well because she was on the phone when there was a lightning strike. And that sent her straight to the ground so Lorrelli and Ovid had no parents .  But they had butlers and maids so they kind of came as their parents especially Mr Clucher.

 Mr Clucher told Ovid and Lorrelli that they would get the inheritance but what  Mr Clucher did not know was that their mum and dad had said if one of them or both of them died they would both share  the inheritance on their 16th birthday and they were only 11. There was a lawyer who came to stay at the Thornthwaites' and the lawyer brought over his son and they were very suspicious about his son because he was loving but faking loving.

I recommend  this book for kids age 10 above because it can have a sharp middle ...... read it.


  1. Well done Ella-May! It sounds like you enjoyed this book, despite all the death and destruction!

  2. I really like this blog, the book sounds exciting