Monday, February 25, 2013

My Story: No Way Back

My story it is quite sad but not that sad. It is a really good story and it turns out to be quite happy. It is a long journey on a boat out in the deep sea to New South Wales.

New South Wales, is a place that they are getting transported to. It is a jungle with lots of animals that have been sent for food resources for the people, so that the people can live there without starving. The people that got transported are the people that got sent from jail and that’s the place where they will live forever. I guess it’s one type of punishment because before there were sentenced to death, so to live somewhere else forever the rest of your life is better than never knowing what your life would have lead on to be.

After being there for so long she got married to someone from New South Wales but then he had to go to war and he died. Then she was very sad because she had four kids as well to look after on her own. When she found out he was dead she found someone else and they got married and he also had four kids so they had to look after twelve kids. That must be hard work, very hard work. She was very happy till he died so she was alone with 12 kids to look after. Her second husband died of old age.

She did not have a very good life in my opinion but she died at a really old age of at least 90 years old.  Her children had grown up to be a kind and caring people which is a very good thing and I think she was very proud of them.

This book is probably best for people that are 9 to 13. The best book I have ever read!


  1. Millie, what an excellent and thoughtful review of the book! She had a very hard life, didn't she?

  2. WOW that is a lot of writing how do you do it? I is very sad indeed but she was a jolly happy person because her children had grown up to be kind and caring people.

    once again WELL DONE