Friday, January 25, 2013

Point Blanc

Alex Rider takes on  his next mission. Point Blanc is a french mountain in the Alps. Alex is a fourteen year old boy. He works Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones and only they know a great secret: he is a SPY. Alex Rider is the only member of his family left. His uncle (who was a spy before him ) died in the last mission, Stormbreaker. Alex has gone to Point Blanc and there is a school but it is so not ordinary. Seven kids are there but there is a lot of security for seven boys - fishy!
Alex is under a secret name Alex  Friend since their headmaster is tring to duplicate people and take over the world.Can Alex stop Dr Grief and his mad idea?

I really like Alex Rider.So far I would say Point Blanc is the best book I have read! I love an adventure when I see one and this is a great adventure book.

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  1. you r riting is amasing you are a good riter you really show stuff