Friday, January 25, 2013

Indigo's Star

Indigo is very ill and it is getting worse and worse everyday .  One day it got so bad it turned into glandular fever .  When his friends ask his family they say he is fine and start to talk about something completely different than what they were already talking about.  Indigo missed a whole term of school and got extremely tall and thin.  he was most of the time on his own the only time he wasn't was when his parents came to say good night (at least they do that). The house was very quiet his mum and dad were both artist and she had one sisters and two adopted sister canny, an older sister gone of to university and two younger sisters  rose and


  1. I really like the sound of that book! If it's out the library I'd love to read it after you.

  2. Well done Ella-May!

    Is she gonna die at the end