Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon How To Steal A Dragon's sword

The book is about the Wilderwest choosing a new king.

And also about the Dragons declaring war at the human even their masters. Hiccup the hero of the series is about to be the new king of the Wilderwest when one of the important Vikings in the story knocks Hiccup's helmet.

And everyone sees that he has the slavemark and a king in the story if you have the slavemark you cannot be king. His dad Stoick the Vast gets to be chosen second but cannot be king because he also is a slave and finally the bad person, Alvin treacherous, gets to be king and he says that they should kill the dragons.


  1. An intriguing review, Diego; you've left us with the problem; now we want to know how Hiccup will solve it.

  2. Well done Diego I think your post really good because you describe the book so that people can understand about what is happening

    Keep up the good work