Friday, November 16, 2012

Horrid Henry's Monster Movie

This time Horrid Henry is annoyed because his awful parents do not wan't him to see a horror film that at the end of the book isn't.

At the end he goes to see the film with best friend Rude Ralph who in fact has never watched it. Horrid Henry gets dissapointed and tries to do his own HORROR film and his worst enemy Moody Margaret has same idea after watching it.

Horrid Henry is annoyed  cause at the end. His annoying brother want's to join who gets to be used as a person that gets food and sings a stupid song.


  1. Well done Diego that blog is so good where did you get it from the library or whatever. I really like horrid henry and i like your blog so but them together and BOOM!!!!!! you've got your answer in .

  2. Well done Diego! I like Horrid Henry but have never read this one!