Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In this book Harry Potter ( not me! ) is in  his fifth  year at Hogwarts.  Following the departure of the fake Mad Eye Moody, who is their new DADA teacher? Hogwarts becomes  out of control when  Dumbledore leaves and  most of all,  Lord Voldemort has returned.

I like JK Rowling she is a good author for big books she may be a common writer but she is a very good writter. JK Rowling writes lots of books but Harry Potter  is one of her most famous creations.
I like how she writes big books with good words in.

Mad Eye Moody = A fantastic Auror
DADA= Defence Against the Dark Arts
Dumbledore= Headmaster of Hogwarts
Lord Voldemort= The most powerful killer in wizard history also known as You Know Who for the fear of his name.

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  1. Well done Harry, your comments are very interesting