Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlottes Web

This book is about a little girl called Fern, and how she is going to recue Wilbur’s life.
With the help of the extraordinary little spider, Charlotte.
One fine morning Wilbur finds out that on Christmas eve the Zuckermans are going to  roast poor little Wilbur.
Wilbur burst into tears,  the geese and horses burst out laughing.  That night Wilbur heard a little whisper
“Do you want to be my friend” eh no yes what did you say.  And then it repeated itself “Do you want to be my friend”
I would recommend this book from six to ten.

By Sophia

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  1. Sophia this is a great post,it is very intriguing the way you use "do you want to be my friend" but you do not say who is saying it. I have read this book before and now my sister is reading it.
    Well done I recommend it too.