Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vicky Angel

I would recommend this book to people who don't mind sad stories, because at the beginning Vicky gets run over by a car and becomes a ghost.  Her best friend Jade and her mum are the only people who can see her so they look like their talking to thin air.  My favourite bit is where Vicky takes Jade away from school to London!  Jade doesn't get told off though because all the teachers feel sorry for her; so do her mum and dad!  Vicky enjoys soaring high above the clouds and looking down at the black dots of people. When Vicky first got run over Jade thought it was her fault for not signing up for the fun run club Vicky wanted  to do.

Jade is so lonely without Vicky by her side the whole time.  When Jade first hears Vicky's voice she thinks she's dreaming because it doesn't seem real.  My heart started beating so quickly when I read the part about Vicky going to hospital because I didn't know what would happen. In this story Jacqueline Wilson makes you feel like you're stood watching it all happen.  Vicky doesn't go straight to being an angel she starts as a ghost then grows wings and becomes an angel.  Vicky treats going to heaven as a holiday not a place to spend her after-life in.  Jade wakes up one morning and Vicky's not there waiting by her bed, she starts to worry then. The same thing went through her mind the whole day "Has Vicky gone to heaven without warning me!".  But luckily the next day Vicky returns and Jade hugs her but she can't feel a thing! 

Jade has no other friends, so before Vicky came back as a ghost at school she had nothing to do.  My favourite character is Vicky because she is so lively and adventurous.  Jacqueline Wilson made this book like Jade's diary so she told you how it feels to be going through the pain of having only a ghost as a friend.  She also tells you all the ups and downs of her life even before Vicky died.  James ( a boy in their class) starts being so kind to Jade even though he never used to talk to her and Vicky at all only mumble " Fun run clubs make me so tired" but Vicky would never listen anyway.

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