Thursday, October 11, 2012

Candy Floss

This story is about a girl named Flora (who everyone calls Floss) who has to decide between moving with her mum Steve and Tiger to Australia or staying with her dad.  Will she make the right choice...

Flora chose her dad because she decided he needed her more.  Her dads cafe is in a spot of trouble with money and will have to close down soon. Flora and her dad are being brave with the whole situation though.  Her dad Charlie suggests that she flies to Australia to live with her mum but she stays with her dad anyway.  Flora finds a little cat she calls Lucky but will Lucky bring them luck or not?

Will Flora make up with her friend Rhiannon or will she continue being friends with Susan?  Will Flora and her dad find a home after leaving the cafe ( which is connected to a flat)?  Will Flora ever fly to Australia to live with her mum?

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