Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kensuke's Kingdom

Michael disappeared on the night before his twelfth birthday July 28th 1988. Sailing around the world on the Peggy Sue with his parents and Stella Artois, Michael’s dog, they sail into a terrible storm. Michael wakes up on an island with Stella Artois but no sign of the Peggy Sue. Trying to survive on the island Michael and Stella get weaker and weaker. Hopefully he will survive in the wild….

I have found this a very enjoyable book to read so far and I would recommend this book for people who love adventure stories.


  1. I love this book it is a great book you choose a good book to write about Amelie. I really like this book that's why I chose it as well. I love adventure books I will diffidently read this book,well I have all ready read this book no harm in reading it again.

  2. I would not like it if that happened to mee that looks good