Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Olly

Olly stretched out her legs and said “What d’you think? No one listened. They were busy watching the TV. As she watched she saw a girl on TV crying. They live on a farm in England.  It is set in the present. Olly’s family wants Olly’s brother Matt to be a doctor but for one whole week he’s been acting really strange. After the film was over Matt stormed out. Olly followed him. 

There was only one place where he could be under the swings, and their he was. He was staring up at his swallows.” I’m going Olly I’!m going to Africa. Did you see that girl on TV she was crying I’m going to be a clown.”  The next morning he was gone no one new where he went. The only person who knew where he went was Olly. He went up to his room and there was a letter.

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