Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Portion of the Sea

Lydia Isleworth is 15 years old.  Her mother died when she was a baby so she lives with her father.  Lydia's father is a jolly man but he is sure that Lydia wants a rich man and live in a mansion.  On one sunny afternoon lydia was sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and writing in her diary.  She enjoyed nothing more than writing.  A dark shadow fell over Lydia she looked up and there was a beautiful looking lady standing over her.  Lydia was shocked she had never spoken to a stranger.
"What do you want, I am busy writing so go away" said Lydia rather rudely.
"I only wanted to see what you were doing; I can guess you love writing; I have a journal here.  It's about a girl called Ava" said the stranger.
After a little conversation Lydia decided to take the journal from the woman she promised to take great care of it.
"Oh yes I forgot my name is Marlena I live over there"She pionted to a little cottage.

So Lydia learns to take care of herself and have a happy life.

The main caracters are:

Lydia's farther

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