Friday, April 5, 2013

Candy Floss

The book Candy Floss is about a family of three, but mainly about a girl named Floss. Her parents got divorced when Floss was young. Floss's mom got remarried and had a son along with a new house.  In the beginning of the book Floss is living with her mom , but then an unexpected event pops out of no where! The news is that her step dad got transferred to Australia because of his job. Now Floss has to choose between her dad and her mom, and these are the choices:  1. go to Australia with her mom and 2. is stay here and live with her dad in a crabby place. 

In the book Floss chose to stay , but there is more bad news now: she and her dad are homeless! What will happen to them? You have to read for yourself!

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