Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Calder Games

The Calder Games is a wonderful story, including different emotions for example excited and worried. The first chapter isn't really a chapter at all, it inspires you to read the rest of the story. This book is about a boy called Calder who got his name from the amazing creations of Alexander Calder, who created statues. People said these statues had a mind of their own.

Calder was born and grew up in Chicago but he and his dad went to England for a holiday. He was excited as he had never seen anything in England. They start off by having a great time but are shocked when they see an Alexander Calder statue in the square. All the other people sigh when they see it. It was obvious they all disliked it. Some mumbled "How this appeared I will never know!" Calder and his dad stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel and the person who owns it, Miss Knowsley, had something suspicious about her ways. While Calder is in the post office, buying postcards for his friends, three people start talking about why someone did something, as Calder listens he knows something is wrong...

I have not yet finished this book but I expect something bad has happened in England.

I would recommend this book for children who are interested in adventure stories.


  1. It looks like a really interesting book, Jessica.

    I really like Alexander Calder's work, so it makes it even more interesting to me. I love his hanging mobiles as well as his big sculptures. Have a look at this website: www.calder.org and see what you think.