Friday, March 8, 2013

Mr Skip

This book is about a girl whose mum is very poor and the girl is called Jackie. Her mum is very cautious about people looking at Jackie rumaging through the skip so her mum said "if you go out to the skip please go at night or at dusk."

 One day she saw a man drive up to the skip and throw an armchair into the skip, a bin bag and some pottery the pottery she did not see very well.

So one day later she went and rummaged through the skip and found it was a broken old garden gnome she fixed him up and he was as good as new so she could give it to her mum but she did not know this garden gnome would change her life.

One thing Jackie wants is a horse the fastest in Ireland which runs as fast as the wind. Will she get what she wanted? 

The front cover of Mr. Skip
This gnome had a very big secret......

To find out you need to read the book!!

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