Monday, March 11, 2013

George's Marvelous Medicine

This boy is called George and he has a very very very very mean mean mean mean grandma. 

One bright day George is mum and dad had to go shopping and his mum said "Do not forget to give grandma her medicine, OK George!"and grandma blurted out "and at 11 o'clock!" 

So George's mum and dad drove off! George's grandma wanted a cup of tea and ordered George to get it for her! Grandma was very difficult with her tea, sometimes it was to cold or sometimes it was not sweet enough, you see very difficult! 

George decided to make her a magic medicine that would do  all sorts of things to her. He put all sorts of things like shampoo ,then he went in the bathroom and opened the medical door but then he remembered that he wasn't allowed to go there, so the medical door was out of bound. So he went in every room. Suddenly he remembered the other medical door in the hail barn. Then when he was in the hail barn he opened the medical door and he even found sheep dip (gross,I mean who would wont to drink that)! 

  Then the time came to give the medicine to Grandma (gross again)! When she drank it sparks started to come out of her throat,and then she grew taller and taller.Then she went blasting out of the roof. Suddenly a car noise came  rushing through and George saw that it was mum and dad he shouted"oh no it's mum and dad!"Mum and dad came through ,First it was mum and she carried some eggs and saw grandma! She screamed with horror!Secondly  dad came in and he said" George have you got some more of this magic medicine!"I replied"Umm yes yes i do."So we used it to make the animals on the farm bigger! There was no more medicine so dad said''come on George we need to get some more''! So i told dad what i had put in it but i couldn't remember a lot off the things! So we went to the bathroom and dad saw that some of the bottles were empty and he explained that the bottles  that where empty were the bottles i used  


  1. I really like it and it makes me think about when I was cooking and I nearly set the house on fire. Well done it is really good

  2. I think it is amazing because you have gave us a little bit of the story.