Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Name is Mina

Mina ( as you will read on the cover) loves the night. She is also a girl who owns a wild imagination!  There are a few pages of black where she wrote out her story of going to the Underworld in search of her dad. She is home-schooled by her mum because of when she did that terrible journey to the Underworld.  The house opposite hers used to be owned by Mr Myers, who was found dead.  But soon after the house was put up for sale and (watching from her comfortable branch on a tree) saw many people looking closely at the house then walking away shaking their heads. Eventually a family do buy the  house. When two people come in to Mina's house droning endlessly on about not being able to do home-schooling will Mina and her mum carry on their routine of home-schooling or will Mina have to return to the dreaded St Bede's school?


  1. I really like it it makes me imagine the book I think I want to read it

  2. I really like it it tells me a lot about the book. I think i will read it because of your blog. well done

  3. well done jessica for you blog imight even read it