Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leopard Adventure

Do you like wild animals. Join Amazon and Frazer  in the TRACKS group to save animals but it always turns out as an adventure.Amazon's cousin Frazer is really good technology he has an X-Ark which is a tranq gun.The problem is that he isn't very good at aiming for example he is trying save Amazon from a wild boar he tries to shoot to boar but he shoots..... you don't want to know .  Amazon Frazer and the TRACKS gang heads down to Siberia to find a amur leopard and her cubs since they are in danger of a forest fire. Will they save them no they won't, wait... you can find out.


 Amazon- an English girl.

Frazer- a advanced high tech american boy.

Boris- an Siberian man who loves to have a good laugh.

Hal- Frazer's dad.

With the TRACKS team.

Tranq Gun:A gun with bullets that make you go to sleep.

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  1. Well done Harry I would love to read this book now
    again well done!

  2. I like it and i think the Google earth thing is really good.Well done

  3. Well done I like the way you did it. Super welldone(: