Monday, February 11, 2013

Diary of the Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

A valentines dance at Greg's middle school has popped up and has turned his life upside down.  A girl called Abigail was supposed to go to the dance with a boy called Michael Sampson, but Abigail just broke up with him.  Now Greg grabs his chance. At school the PTA is holding school elections but sadly to Greg's disappointment you are not allowed to run for any office if you have got three or more detentions.  Greg does still figure out a way that he can still hold an office.  He asks his best friend Rowley to run for the office and treats his friend like a puppet, Rowley will have to  say everything that Greg wants.  Of course Rowley wins the election since he was the only pupil who signed up to be a Social Chairperson.  In P.E. Greg discovers that he must learn partner dancing for the valentines dance (midnight in Paris).  Greg is extremely worried that he's not going to find a dance partner and while he knows that his friend Rowley is also dateless...





Abigail dad

Rowley dad

Greg's mum

Greg's dad

I would recommend this book from 9-14.


  1. Well done Sophia I love diary of a wimpy kid i have read all of them so far I wonder if there will be another one?

  2. I really like it and that you have introduced them so people know who they are.

  3. I love your post Sophia! I have read this book and would write most of the things you did.

  4. I like your post sophia you have done a good job on the 3 wheel