Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's a funny thing about mothers and fathers, even if their own child is the most disgusting thing in the world,  they still think that she or he is wonderful. But occasionally one comes across parents who take the opposite lineMatilda is a little girl who taught herself to read, write and do maths. She is a very clever girl, but her parents hate her. Matilda parents loves to watch television but Matilda simply loves to read . One day  her dad announced that she was going to go to school, Matilda hugged her dad but the dad was mean and pushed  her away. She went to school and her teacher was called Miss Honey.

 Anyway, I have told you enough about Matilda; let's talk about Matilda's dad. Matilda's dad  is a car salesman  but doesn't sell cars for a good deed. He gets cars which don't have a good engine and he always puts saw dust in the cars. This is very bad as people are buying faulty cars. 

Matilda had a teacher called the Trunchball; she was so mean that she made Matilda angry. This made her discover that she had a magic power which made her able to move things with her mind . One day Miss Honey asked her if she wanted to have tea at her house and she said yesMiss Honey told her a story saying that she was the niece of the Truchball and Matilda was horrified. Matilda went back home and her family were leaving to move to Spain. She ran back to  Miss Honey and told her and then asked her if she could  live with her but Miss Honey said ''Only if she had permission.'' So Matilda and Miss Honey ran back to ask and as she did not have a good mum and dad, well they said yes. So Miss Honey and Matilda lived happily ever after.


  1. Matilda is my all time favourite book! As a child I absolutely loved reading Matilda's story and thought she was such a brave little girl. Matilda was certainly very lucky to have a teacher like Miss Honey!
    What is your favourite part of the book?
    Interestingly, the Y5 cinematheque Francaise film club are using clips from the Matilda Film to understand open and closed spaces in film. I think the differentiation between the two is written well in the book, by the way Roald Dahl changes between lots of speech and short sentences, compared to the longer, descriptive phrases.
    What do you think to Matilda's parents? Have you used this book in Literacy or are you reading at home?

  2. Well done Amandine I love this book I have also watched the movie I think mrs Trunchball the head of the school again Well done

  3. Great post Amandine! I love the book Matilda! Very well done!