Friday, January 25, 2013

Flat Stanley

This book is about a boy who was flat!

Now I am going to tell you the story, it all began like this...

One day there was a boy called Stanley that was perfectly healthy and no problems, he had a very nice little brother called Arthur he was like 5 years old . And Stanley was 9 years old.One night Stanley was sleeping while in the night Arthur heard a BOOM! In the next morning Arthur woke up and guess what... Stanley was flat!

But the thing was he could even do what he wanted after some 
months he didn't like to be flat any more so his brother got an idea! 

Guess what the idea was...

Flat Stanley has a website here.


  1. By the way you end tat I would love to ind out more and read this book!

  2. huh Jessica. Jose maybe the boy decides to put himself in an envelope and someone sends

  3. I like Flat Stanley books. They're really short, but Jeff Brown has a great sense of humour. He wrote five more Flat Stanley books:

    Stanley and the Magic Lamp
    Stanley In Space
    Stanley's Christmas Adventure
    Invisible Stanley
    Stanley, Flat Again!

    And since then other authors have added more!

  4. Here's an example of some of the dialogue I think is funny:

    “Hey! Come and look! Hey!”
    Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop were both very much in favor of politeness and careful speech. “Hay is for horses, Arthur, not people,” Mr. Lambchop said as they entered the bedroom. “Try to remember that.”
    “Excuse me,” Arthur said. “But look!”
    He pointed to Stanley’s bed. Across it lay the enormous bulletin board that Mr. Lambchop had given the boys a Christmas ago so that they could pin up pictures and messages and maps. It had fallen, during the night, on top of Stanley.
    But Stanley was not hurt. In fact, he would still have been sleeping if he had not been woken by his brother’s shout.
    “What’s going on here?” he called out cheerfully from beneath the enormous board.
    Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop hurried to lift it from the bed.
    “Heavens!” said Mrs. Lambchop.
    “Gosh!” said Arthur. “Stanley’s flat!”

    I got it from this e-book version of the book: