Friday, January 25, 2013

Diary of a wimpy kid Dog Days

It's the summer holiday. Greg and Rowely goes to a country club because Rowely's family own it but they cause a load of  trouble because they have been using up Rowely's dad credit card number.To pay for all the cocktail's but if Greg get's some money  his mum  will confiscate is and put it toward's the money on Rowely's dad.Greg and Rowely come up with this idea of a V.I.P Lawn Service but is never worked out so good because he didn't know how to get it started and he left all the dog poo and then his dad cleaned it up.
At the end of the book Rowely and Greg stopped being friends and went into non-friend. He was always being nice to Rowely but he turned evil.

I would highly recommend this book to eveyone who understand's english.

Jeff Kiney is an excelllent author for books like these.


  1. i like your book i still hav'ent red it but it look's good and the traler

  2. I have read this book and would highly recommend it too! I have wanted to see the film ever since it came out, but haven't been able too yet.