Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simpsons Comic

The characters in this comic are : 

  • Homer
  • Lisa
  • Marge
  • Flanders
What is really weird is that Flanders goes to Homer's house. He feels lonely because his children go to a camp called  Old testament survival camp. One of my favourite moments was when Homer uses Flanders as a personal slave. He makes him go and get some pork rinds and beer. One of the weird parts are that the children stick more to Flanders than there Dad Homer. Flanders tells all these cliches to the children Marge soon gets fed up with. My favourite part was when Homer goes to stick with Flanders children because he feels lonely. Homer and Flanders children make a clubhouse.
The bit that surprised me was when Flanders goes back to his house and finds that nearly everything is broken. And pizza all around on the floor.


  1. I like the simpons. The comic must be so funny. one of my friends have a couple of the comics. Plus the post is great!!!
    Well done.:-)