Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Adventures of TinTin and the Broken Ear

A shady person goes to a museum of ethnography. He steals an Idol. The next day it is back but Tin Tin realises the idol is a fake and tries to get it back.
He goes to South America, along with two bad men, Alonso and Ramon to look for the Idol.
In the port of San Theodoros Tin Tin is arrested after being framed by Alonso and Ramon. He escapes the firing squad by supporting General Alcazar.
He goes to the rainforest to where the idol came from to meet the tribe the Arumbyas. They believed the idol stopped people dying from snake bites. Tin Tin thinks the idol is valuable because it has a large diamond inside it. He has to escape the jungle while other people are killed.
Back at home he discovers that the Idol is on a boat to America. He catches up with the boat. Alonso and Ramon are on the boat. They fight and the diamond falls into the sea. The Idol gets mended and is sent back to the museum.
I would recommend it for ages five to eight. It's not good, it's not bad, but I enjoyed it.


  1. Thanks Max! I added a picture. Hope it's the right one.

  2. I love TinTin, it's one of the things I always read when I'm angry or frustrated it soothes my body into calmness it's truly amazing.