Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bumble the Brave Kitten

This book has many true stories about stray cats and how they found homes. 

This book can be sad but each time you're getting really sad someone comes and rescues the cat.  One of the stories is about a cat who gave birth in an old car then fell asleep, while she was asleep the kittens ran away and a lorry takes the old car to the dump. When she wakes up herself heading towards getting crushed (along with the old car) but a worker hears her frantic cries and saves her just in time.

I would recommend this book to people who like cats and kittens age 8-12.  This book also involves the cat's protection centre as Bumble is bought from there.


  1. I like your blog post. It sound like a very good book.I think that the agse you recomended it to is
    a very good ages.

  2. Very interesting post you made here Jessica! I really like it.
    First I thought should I read this book or not! And now because of your post I decided to read it.

  3. it is such a cute book it looked oring but i have canged my mind conplety

  4. at first i said ah the cat look's so cuit but i read the post it was realy good. i'v been reding all of your post's they realy good . it's realy estoniching i don't know how you do it i cant even do somthing like that.i realy do congratulat you.

    i want to know a secrat how di you do it