Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Spy Dog Series

I love the Spy Dog books because they are really adventurous. As I have the series at home I started to read them and they intrigued me into reading all the books. Spy Dog books are the best!

Spy Dog 
The family go to a vet to look for a dog. Lara the dog likes them and he wants to be with them. So he has a plan, his plan is to get the family to like him. Plan A is to do things like no other dog can do, he gets noticed but it doesn't  work. Plan B is to do loads of flips  and tricks but that doesn't work either. Plan C is to do a really cool whistle and that definitely works. I hope that they will have loads of adventures!

Spy Dog 2
In this book, the family visit the beach and there is this criminal who tries to steel dogs away from the island they are visiting,  but Lara finds out about it. This was a great book as I think Lara is a dog from the movie 007. I would like to have him as a pet. Plus at the end of the series you would like to have him as a pet as well.

Spy Dog unleashed
Spy Dog is involved in another mystery about a robber who tries to steel the Millennium diamond from a  museum. It is up to Lara to stop him . Lara puts the robber back into jail but he escapes again. I think anyone reading  this book review will love this book. Lara will stop him!!

Spy  Dog Super brain
A gang of villainous teachers  want to make their school year the best of the best . They are making a secretive formula. The final ingredient is the brain of a school child. They will stop at nothing even banning playtime .
I think Lara will not let them complete their plot.

Spy Dog Rocket Rider 
Lara has retired from the secret service but can she still sniff out the danger? This team of people want to cause trouble in space. Lara can never let  a mission go unsolved. Lara had to do something to stop their evil plot from working but Lara and his Long Lost Dad named Leo help him complete this mission.At the end, Lara has lots of puppies and Leo comes out of the  vet.

  • Lara stands for Licensed Assault Rescue Animal,
  • She water skies,
  •  She plays cricket,
  • She catches robbers on the run,
  • She drives cars,
  • She`s a PlayStation champion,
  • She`s got a black belt in karate,
  • She`s agent GM451 or Lara to you,
  •  Once a Spy Dog always a Spy Dog,
  • Goal keeping Legend,
  •  Language skills including Advanced Cat and Basic Dolphin,
  • Ace surfer,
  • Champion Juggler,
  • Whistling,
  • Computer skills,
  • Unarmed combat,
  • Five Languages.
  • PlayStation grandmaster,
  • and many others
  • Never mind James Bond, Lara, The world`s one and only Spy Dog, is back,
  • Forget 007, it`s time to meet GM451: a Spy Dog the first of her kind.
 I love Spy Dog. He is amazing!

I would recommend this series  to People in Year 5 to Year 6 in the International School Of Toulouse, France.