Monday, October 15, 2012

The Horrible Histories series . Amandine PRIVE

The Horrible Histories

I would recommend these books for children over the age of 7 because sometimes they are a bit gruesome and horrid, but first I am going to mention some of the reasons why I like reading them .

I enjoy the pictures and the dialogues, they are funny and they help you to understand the writing in the passage on each page. Also the series talks about very important historical facts, for example in:

- The Rotten Romans : They enjoyed going to war. Each time they found someone who was an enemy, they wanted to start a war with them. Through gaining territories and properties they became stronger and richer and managed to build a bigger Empire.

- Vile Victorians :
They were called the Victorians because they are named after Victoria who was queen of England from 1837 to 1901. The Vile Victorians put in place good things like: improved medicine, toilets and plumbing, banned women and children from working in mines, free education…
The Vile Victorians did wrong things too!
They conquered many parts of the world to increase Britain's wealth. There was a lot of killing going on in various wars, and it is very distracting, I mean for me the pictures are very distracting. Although the Victorians introduced free education by 1891 for most of the Queen Victoria's reign many children did difficult and dangerous jobs.

So I have told you about these books so I think I have finished!

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