Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Silverfin Comic from the Young Bond series

This comic is one of the best I have ever read! It's got action, violence, it puts a lot of suspense on you.

comic cover
If you don't like comics you could read the story. This book starts off in 1930 when James Bond was a teenager. The first page was of a person fishing and is killed by some eels. He was on the train going to Eton College where he met a bully. That bully is one of the main characters in the comic and story. The bully is called George Hellebore. He meets a friend who the son of an Indian Maharajah. At the school he signs up for a triathlon. When he was training George Hellebore came along and tried to drown James! But James pulled him into the water.

book cover
I was sure George Hellebore was going to get revenge. The first event was shooting in which he came last! The second event was swimming, in which James came second. Then the last race was the marathon which is the most interesting because George Hellebore took a short cut and James found him and punched him! Will they solve the mystery about the eels and the man...?

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