Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jacqueline Wilson's Jacky Daydream

Jacky Daydream

Interestingly, this book is an autobiography of Jacqueline's childhood, she was a young girl in the early 19th century and now she is an old lady.

Her family were extremely poor and she lived with her parents in a flat above a shop. In those days public transport like buses, trains and subways were smelly, crammed and limited for people to use.

Generally most people did not travel very much or long distances because it was very expensive and uncomfortable.

This book is excellent because in different parts of her life she does funny things, like the time she crawls into the garden and starts to pull the plants out.

I enjoy reading Jacqueline Wilson's books because she is a very inventive and creative author and her stories are always very engaging.

Who would enjoy this book ?

This book is for anyone aged between 9 and 10 years and would enjoy comedy fictions, and can read long books

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