Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was a Rat

Let me introduce you to a boy called Roger he is a very poor boy and he has no  mother or father. We think he lives in a seller all on his own with no one to speak with, no one to be with he was all anlone. He had no manners because in his early life he never learnt anything from his parents, for his life in the future. He was called a rat boy by the people in his villige. He eats very weird stuff like pencils because he has never eaten real food before. But he does get very well looked after now by his new parents and gets fed real food. Some times the book turns into a mystery. He has a very nasty Doctor who takes him away from his home which is one of the mysteries for his new Mum and Dad.

In the end it turned out happy and he had a normal life and he went to school but he still ate all of the pencils and he got very told off he had to go to the head teacher and Roger got a whipping with a cane and he had a red mark down his back. He hated school from then on because he always got told off because he did no work, because he didn't know how to so he got put down to year 1 and he is 7 or 8 years old. He never wanted to come back to school ever again. Even though he did not want to he gave it one last go and he was actually learning and he started to like school but of course he still ate pencils. Luckily his new teacher is a lot kinder and softer. 


  1. Well done Millie for all your work on this blog post!

  2. I know some of Philip Pullman's other books, but I haven't read this one. Now I want to!